Monday, August 25, 2014

Decent interview of Attorney Dale Carson. I don't like Mike Adams. His intentions are good, but his command of language to delivery his message kind of exhausts me. You will learn a lot, however, from Carson in this interview.
This too is worth your time. Carson explains that the sole purpose of police officers is to put you in jail. They are not there to protect and serve.
Carson cites Arizona v. Gant, the Supreme Court ruling that ". . . requires law enforcement officers to demonstrate an actual and continuing threat to their safety posed by an arrestee, or a need to preserve evidence related to the crime of arrest from tampering by the arrestee, in order to justify a warrantless vehicular search incident to arrest conducted after the vehicle's recent occupants have been arrested and secured."  In other words, the police cannot use "probable cause" as a justification to search your vehicle.  So do not consent.  Ever.  Remember what Carson says, the sole purpose of law enforcement is to put you in jail.  So don't give them opportunities to hurt your or rob you.  Carson's website is here.

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